Luxury Super Yachts – Features Unlimited

The same as with any luxury item, such as watches from Larouv, the thing that really sets super luxury yachts apart from normal super yachts are their expansive features. These features turn a super yacht into a super luxury yacht. There are literally so many that it would take a lot of time to list them. However, here are the five most common features of super luxury yachts.

A Pool?
Considering that a luxury super yacht is surrounded by water, why would you need a pool? Because you can! A luxury super yacht may have a small or midsize pool on the lower deck.

Luxury Material
One of the most prominent and defining luxury super yachts features is the material used in the interior of the yacht. Common materials used in the interior of super luxury yachts include gold, silver, velvet and silk. The paintings, drapes, furniture and ornaments are all very expensive. You can even find Roulette and Blackjack casino tables on some of these super yachts

The food served is of the highest quality and served in fine china (such as bone china) dishes. Guests can order practically anything they want from the menu and, in many cases, can have anything they like made for them. Planning to use luxury yachts for holiday, try to get instant payday loans.

More Services than you can Count
Unlike regular super yachts, luxury super yachts offer more services. This is because luxury super yachts have more crew members onboard than regular super yachts. Interestingly enough, there are more crewmembers than guests onboard at any time.

Features Unlimited

Although small, luxury super yachts features are numerous. The number of features increases with the preference of the owner. Lavish features also expand to crew members. Common custom features include:

• Helipad

• Sundeck Jacuzzi

• Sky lounge

• Salon

• Club

• Deck for multiple jet skis, banana boats, power boat, etc

• Full speaker system around the yacht (with independent speaker control)

• Cinema

• Sauna

• Spa

• Multiple dining rooms and facilities

• VIP lounges

• Diving equipment

• Glass bottom viewing area

State-of-the-art Technology
The technology imbedded into a luxury super yacht is truly state-of-the-art. From huge LED screens to state of the art diving and play equipment, a luxury super yacht is well equipped to handle the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

Remember, the luxury super yachts features stated above are only a small fraction of what makes up the entire boat. Depending on how much ‘luxury’ you want, the number of features and their quality can always change. In other words, luxury super yachts truly offer an unlimited number of custom luxury features.

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