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Luxury Super Yachts – Features Unlimited

What really set super luxury yachts apart from normal super yachts are their expansive features. These features turn a super yacht into a super luxury yacht. There are literally so many that it would take a lot of time to list them. However, here are the five most common features of super luxury yachts.

A Pool? Considering that a luxury super yacht is surrounded by water, why would you need a pool? Because you can! A luxury super yacht may have a small or midsize pool on the lower deck.

Luxury Material One of the most prominent and defining luxury super yachts features is the material used in the interior of the yacht. Common materials used in the interior of super luxury yachts include gold, silver, velvet and silk. The paintings, drapes, furniture and ornaments are all very expensive. The food served is of the highest quality and served in fine china (such as bone china) dishes. Guests can order practically anything they want from the menu and, in many cases, can have anything they like made for them.

More Services than you can Count Unlike regular super yachts, luxury super yachts offer more services. This is because luxury super yachts have more crew members onboard than regular super yachts. Interestingly enough, there are more crewmembers than guests onboard at any time.

Features Unlimited Although small, luxury super yachts features are numerous. The number of features increases with the preference of the owner. Lavish features also expand to crew members. Common custom features include....Read More by clicking in the picture.

Super Yacht Insurance

Insurance is always looked at as a critical subject and for good reason too. Regardless of the type of insurance plan you opt for, it is necessary to make sure that you are getting the right insurance. Same goes for super yacht insurance. You will need to make sure you are getting exactly what are opting for. After all, you are not just investing a huge amount of money, but are also responsible for your crew.

As with all other insurance types, super yacht insurance covers pretty much everything. You can have your insurance coverage tailored to suit your needs. Just make sure you don’t rush things when selecting your coverage options. Take your time to consider what coverage will be essential and then add more to that. Make sure everything on your yacht is registered into an accurate inventory so you can get an all-inclusive insurance coverage.

There are a number of super yacht insurance policies available, but it is important to remember that going for the right policy involves more than just looking for cheap premiums. It is about your requirements and getting professional services and a suitable insurance solution. Whether you have a yacht or a cruiser, the super yacht insurance policy you opt for will essentially provide coverage for malicious damage, theft, fire or any damages to the vessel in case of accidents. Additionally, you will be covered for any damage caused to third party properties due to accidents or accidentally sustained injuries...Read More by clicking in the picture.

What Are Luxury Super Yachts?

Whether in the movies or docked at port, most of us have seen a luxury super yacht at least once in our life. In a nutshell, the name is given to private yachts that are over 25 meters in length, professionally crewed and cost almost a fortune.

Exterior The exterior of a luxurious super yacht is typically between 40 and 100 meters in length. They usually have three decks that contain cabins for the 8 (minimum) crewmembers and the average 10 guests. They differ from normal super yachts because of their luxurious finishes and extra features. Common extras on most luxury super boats include a small powerboat, helipad, Jacuzzi and swimming pool. The lower deck usually houses the swimming pool and the deck to the powerboat. The main deck houses the main guest rooms and the dining facilities. The upper deck will usually house many of the extra features such as the gym, salon and sky lounge. On most luxurious super yachts, the Jacuzzi is usually found on the sun deck.

Interior The interior is where these super yachts get their ‘luxury’ title from. The interior of these super yachts are designed to offer a large amount of space to its guests. Furthermore, the materials used in their design are usually expensive. All these small luxurious changes separate normal super yachts from luxury equivalents. Although there are a small number of rooms, they are usually very large, spacious and intricately designed. One room is usually large enough to incorporate between 4 and 6 guests at a time. The dining room is usually one large room that is able to seat every guest at once...Read More by clicking in the picture.

Luxury Yacht Cruises

Thanks to luxury yacht cruises, exploring our water world is made easy and comfortable. The combination of adventure and luxury makes yacht cruises one of the most appealing expeditions world wide. Multiple aspects make cruise voyages interesting, but the yacht itself has a vital role to play as well. Let’s go through some interesting features of a luxury yacht cruise.

Yacht Design The exteriors and interiors of a yacht are fully equipped with stylish and profuse space, and attractive display and usage antiques. Luxury yachts give you the chance to book a private area or owner’s suite, which is very spacious and comfortable. The private area can include a saloon, master cabin, office or private deck. Several other features also contribute in making cruises all the more heavenly. Luxury yachts are designed for comfort, keeping in mind the prolonged stays of guests and owners.

Equipment Every individual has a different experience on a voyage. The gadgets and equipment on a luxury yacht add to is enjoyment aspect. While some people enjoy activities like gaming, some enjoy diving. People generally prefer to carry their personal gadgets and equipment along with them wherever they go. If these gadgets and equipment are large and cannot be carried, voyagers can rest assured they will be available on the yacht cruise itself. Equipment like dive compressors, water toys and jet skis are usually available on luxury yacht cruises. This is one of the major attractions for adventurous voyagers.

Less Fuel Consumption Long ranged cruises are more possible on chartered yachts as they are more efficient in fuel consumption...Read More by clicking in the picture.

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